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Do you have at least $15,000 in student loan debt?
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Who Is Eligible

If you currently owe over $10,500 in various student loans you will most likely be able to consolidate. Since student loan consolidation is not considered a new loan, you won't be required to provide a separate credit check.

Other eligibility requirements can fluctuate based on the consolidation process that you want to do. For some, there are important deadlines that you must adhere to so you can receive the absolute lowest interest rates available.

Right now the market is offering unbeatable interest rates so it is extremely beneficial to consolidate student loans today. What are you waiting for? You can use the extra money that you will save towards a major purchase or just pay off your loan early!

To think about how much you can save for student loans take your normal monthly payment. If you slash that in half by consolidating your loans, yet still pay your "normal" payment each month, you can pay off your loans twice as fast!

There are consolidation programs for both student loans and parent-student loans, so even if you are paying for your children's college, you can still take full advantage of the unbeatable low interest rates.